What is My Home Worth?

Are you asking yourself if now is the right time to sell my home? Do you want to know what your home may be worth RIGHT NOW?

If you want to know the real value of your property there are no shortage of online “estimators” available on the internet but most of them are not very accurate for the mountain communities. You will need to have a local agent provide you with a more accurate estimate. Here are a few reasons why speaking to someone like myself can better assist you in determining what your home may be worth… computers don’t know the area like I do!

Location, Location, Location!
Property values in and around Lake Arrowhead are determined by a number of factors but the most influential is usually the location itself. The expression Location, Location, Location has never been more accurate in this community. Assuming the homes are similar in size, age, condition, etc., a property located within the Arrowhead Woods will almost always sell for a higher price than a property located outside this boundary. Why? Owning a home within the Arrowhead Woods provides the owner with what we call Lake Rights and allows access to the use of Lake Arrowhead, a private lake. It is possible to own property within Lake Arrowhead but you may not have access to the private lake because the property is not located within the Arrowhead Woods boundary. In some cases a property on one side of the street can have Lake Rights and one on the other side of the street will not have lake rights. In some cases the property value can be DOUBLE for homes with Lake Rights.

Condition of the Home…
Online estimator systems will not know the condition of your home or if it has been upgraded since the last time it sold. It’s entirely possible that you have made updates or improvements to the home that have increased its value. Did you remodel the kitchen? Did you add on to the home? Have you added a garage? Property improvements can have a big impact on the selling price and you need someone familiar with the area to know what those improvements are really worth to buyers looking for a home like yours.

Access to the Home…
How easy it is to access your home during winter can have a big effect on what a buyer is willing to spend. If the home is located off of a steep access road the selling price will in most cases be lower than one located on a main (improved) road. While access may be relatively easy to your home in the warmer months your home might be nearly impossible to access in the winter when the access road is covered in snow. Is your driveway steep or is it level? Does the driveway get sun in the wintertime? Sunshine melts snow / ice and makes access easier. Is there level entry to the main living area or do you have to climb a long set of stairs to get there? Level entry can be very important to some buyers as they may not be capable of accessing your home due to physical limitations. Access is very important to buyers and website estimators do not take this into consideration when determining your homes value.

Online website valuation software doesn’t take most of these factors into consideration when kicking out a number. But I do. If you want an honest assessment of your homes value please call me:

Sarah Polley Realtor – Telephone (909) 567-5993 or email me to schedule an appointment: [email protected]


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