Lake Arrowhead Docks for Sale

Lake Arrowhead Docks for Sale

Owning a dock on Lake Arrowhead is a privilege that few get the chance to enjoy. If you are interested in purchasing a dock (or slip) I would love to help you find one!

The docks listed on this page do not represent all of the docks that may be available for purchase. A lot of docks are bought and sold by word of mouth before they are added to the MLS. Docks located in North Bay, Meadow Bay, Tavern Bay and Orchard Bay often sell quickly so I highly recommend that you contact me directly for more information.

Please note that you must own improved property located inside the Arrowhead Woods to purchase a dock or slip on Lake Arrowhead. For more information regarding dock ownership please visit my Dock & Slip Information page: Click Here for Dock & Slip Information

For personalized assistance please call me at (909) 337-3337 or e-mail me at [email protected]

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