Information about Buying or Selling a Dock or Slip on Lake Arrowhead



One of the best ways to enjoy Lake Arrowhead is to own your own dock. Owning a dock allows you to spend more time on the water. A private dock or slip can be a great gathering place for BBQ’s and hanging out with family and friends. If you are interested in purchasing a dock or slip Sarah Polley REALTOR can help! I have spent many summers enjoying Lake Arrowhead with my family and can say with certainty that some locations will meet your needs better than others. Some docks have relatively easy access with a limited number of stairs and others require a pretty good hike to get from the parking area to the dock itself. Don’t buy a dock without speaking with me first! Call Sarah Polley REALTOR at (909) 337-3337 or contact me via this website using the CONTACT ME page.

Docks Listed For Sale in the Rim O’ The World MLS:


A dock may be owned by any ALA member with improved property located within Arrowhead Woods. You do not have to own “lakefront” property (property that shares a boundary with ALA property) to own a dock. Ownership of a home located inside the Arrowhead Woods boundary is necessary to own a dock. If you own a vacant lot (unimproved property) you cannot own a dock. A dock is considered as “attached” to the owner’s improved property even though the actual, physical attachment is at the shoreline, on ALA property. Only one dock/slip right may be owned per improved property.

The owner of title of the dock must be vested identical to the owner of the property in Arrowhead Woods to which it is attached. If the titled owners are different, the dock is not legally moored on Lake Arrowhead. So, if the ownership of your property changes (i.e. the house is put in a trust, death, divorce, inheritance, etc.) BE SURE TO change the ownership of your dock.


When you purchase a dock on Lake Arrowhead, you own the physical structure but you must receive a Pier Site Easement in order to attach the dock to the shoreline, which is ALA property. Without this Pier Site Easement you will have no place on Lake Arrowhead to affix your dock. Per ALA Bylaws the Pier Site Easement shall be vested identical to the ownership of the residential lot to which the dock is attached.

When you are ready to sell your dock the first thing you should do is contact me, Sarah Polley REALTOR. Selling a dock can be quicker and easier when using a Licensed Real Estate Agent. Because I am “in the business” I frequently have clients wanting to purchase a dock. When selling a dock you are selling the physical structure. Part of the sales process is the transfer of the Pier Site Easement to the new owner. In order to do this you must apply for a Dock Transfer. A dock cannot be bought or sold without an ALA Dock Transfer. As with any large sale or purchase the paperwork must be completed properly and I have lots of experience in this area.


Slip Right: The right to have a physical dock slip on Lake Arrowhead. A Slip Right is assigned a location on Lake Arrowhead. A Slip Right may be “built out” meaning there is a physical dock at that location or it may only be a right without a physical structure at that location. A dock structure with multiple slips may have some of the slips built out while others are not built.

Dock: The physical structure on Lake Arrowhead authorized by the slip right. There are single docks, double docks, triple docks, multiple docks and convenience docks on Lake Arrowhead. “Dock” can also be used as a generic term for a slip.

Slip: A Slip is the space on a dock where a boat is moored. A slip will have “fingers” on each side to allow the boarding and unboarding of the boat and to moor the boat. A dock structure with multiple slips may be a double dock (two slips), triple dock (three slips) or multiple dock (four or more slips up to 24 slips).

Retired Slip Right: A Retired Slip Right does not have a physical dock structure. This Slip Right cannot be built out in the future. All of the same dock ownership requirements apply to ownership of a Retired Slip Right including the annual ALA dock/slip right membership fee.

Convenience Dock: Convenience Docks provide temporary boat parking available on a first come first served basis. These slips are open for use by any ALA member with a boat on Lake Arrowhead. Overnight parking is prohibited on Convenience Docks.

For more information about purchasing or selling a dock please contact me by phone at (909) 337-3337 or via e-mail: [email protected]

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